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As Seen on The Knot


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Welcome to Be Sweet Ink! No matter the circumstances that have led you to my site, I am SO glad you’re here! I’ll take a moment to explain the company name, because can I always appreciate a good quick story ๐Ÿ™‚

My maiden name was Bethany Prewett, and at 25 I married the most wonderful, Godly, supportive, and handsome man with the last name Sauer (pronounced “sour”). After I started building this company in June of 2016, I realized I needed an official name. Regardless of how I spun “Bethany Sauer”, nothing left me with a “sweet” taste in my mouth…and there it was, Be Sweet (by Bethany Sauer). I threw in the “Ink” because I love all things ink: calligraphy, stationery, art and that’s what my offering consists of!

Can’t wait to work together and see what sweet creations we can come up with!